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DATE 2017-03-23 16:13:17

Thank you for your interest in Kokacharm!  Here is a list of some Frequently Asked

**Please note that our wholesale policy has now changed **

 Questions for your convenience:

What is your wholesale / discount policy?

Here at Kokacharm we receive daily inquiries regarding our wholesale policy

from potential international customers around the world.  Please refer to the following chart:







700 – 1,000





This is the maximum discount we provide for small orders. 

Requests for additional discounts are strongly discouraged and will result in a delay of your order request.

Is there a minimum quantity I need to purchase?

For those that don’t plan on making a large order, don’t worry! We accept orders of any quantity

How can I establish a long-term agreement with Kokacharm?

We offer an additional 10% discount on your order ( in addition to the 30% wholesale discount ) for customers that commit to large orders over each season of that upcoming year.  Large orders are considered orders over 1,000 items ( excluding socks ) and you must plan to purchase 4 orders over the coming year.

How can I order?

Currently the only way to order our products is as follows:

Step 1: e-mail us at with a list of what you would like to order from your cart on our website.  Please provide us with your shipping address.

Step 2: Once we receive your order we will check our inventory and send you an invoice of what’s in stock and what your total costs will be including shipping.

Step 3:  Once you receive our invoice, review your order and confirm all items are the correct style and size. Then send us your payment through PayPal in USD to

Step 5: Upon receiving your payment we will ship your package out immediately and send you confirmation through e-mail.

Unfortunately this is the best and only way to order our products at this time. 

How can I exclusively sell your products in my home country?

Currently we do not offer any exclusivity contracts.             

How much will shipping cost?

This depends entirely on the weight of your package and location.  Once we have those two details we are happy to give you a quote.

The items I requested are not in stock, what do I do?

We will let you know exactly what’s not in stock and you can choose other items.

Do you have a catalog?

Each season we have a catalog we issue in Korea.  It is in in Korean, but has a list of English names just like our website.

I've received a faulty product, what happens now?

If you have received a faulty item that contains a rip, tear, pattern discoloration, etc.  Send a photo to detailing the the faulty issue and if approved we will send you a new item and pay shipping on your behalf or if the item is not in stock, credit your account for the price of that item.

When do your new styles come in?

At the beginning of each season.

Additional Information

For additional questions please e-mail us directly at

Thank you for your interesting and we will forward to hearing from you.


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